with social ills eating up Africa’s most vibrant country, Nigeria on a daily basis, it takes a young man, who feels he has a role to play, to step up to the plate and address the issue affecting his generation once and for all, through the best tool (Music) at his disposal. That young man is Don Toffy.

The ‘Kurlevra pictures’ directed video started off with a clip of innocent people been shot dead by armed men, supposedly to be the terrorist group called Boko Haram. We could hear Don Toffy letting us have a feel of his unique voice on a sorrowful chorus, pleading for somebody to ‘Do Something’.

Don Toffy
Afrobeat artist, Don Toffy

Unlike his fellow colleagues in the music industry who dishes out materialistic and vane songs on daily basic, pretending to represent the Afrobeat Genre, Don Toffy is only one of the few who is in fact, championing the evolution of the genre created by the late legendary and political activist, Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

It take courage for a fresh ‘Plugg Records’ signee, on a his debut single, to take this calculated risk of doing his own thing without following the Nigerian music trend. The more reason why all eye should be on him.

Dem go want break you down, dem go one bring you down. Make you no worry. Do your thing your way

The question to ask now is, is Don Toffy about to bring back the real afrobeat? But while you are still trying to figure this question out,

Watch the video for “Do Something” above.

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