Leah Janea


There has been a lot of musical emotional hullabaloo on music channels like YouTube from ‘good music’ lovers about the absence of quality materials like we used to have in the 90’s. But all that is about to change with the arrival of Leah Jenea.

Leah Jenea is the sweet sensational 19 years old lady who got stuck in everyone’s head especially the 3 judges of Fox’s  ‘the four’, P. Diddy, DJ Khaled and lona, in the 2nd season of the now popular talent show. No one saw it coming until she opened her mouth and the first note dropped. Alas, A diva was born.  


She is the best thing since Jhéne Aiko and the new champion of Neo Soul Music.

Born to a hip pop artist father, Larry ‘Kapital’ Gaines, she claims to have gained a lot from his teachings especially on her writing skills. The result of this knowledge can be heard in a single, “Perfectly Imperfect” she released to raise awareness and raise funds for Autism and underprovided families affected by the disorder.

In a recent interview with Essense, she talked about her influences, the encouragement she got from the judges and her comparison to the great ones like Micheal Jackson and Mary J Blige.

When you hear Leah Jenea sing, you know that a superstar after the likes of Mary J Blige, Anita Baker to mention but a few is here. The only difference is she is of this generation. There is a similarity to Jhené Aiko but she’s got something more special that makes her stand out from the pack.

Though, she didn’t win the four show, but she became the most sort after music artist this year. And fans from all over the world who saw her epic performances on the talent show, can no longer wait for her debut single. The count down is on.

There is stevie wonder influence in her style.

When u listen to her sing, you feel like you back in the good old 90’s neosoul where music is sang with real emotion. Its like listening to Donell Jones, musiq, fantasia