Nick Conrad

Relatively unknown French black rap artist, Nick Conrad just chewed more than he could hardly bite with his new racist track, “Pendez les blancs“. Meaning, ‘Hang white people
In the graphic video, Nick Conrad encourages the killings of white babies, men and women. And the footage shows a white man been tortured and hung on a tree.

Music Video Buzz gone wrong

Anyone who is acquainted with today’s type of music buzz would have known that Conrad’s music idea is actually  Joyner Lucas or Childish Gambino’s influence. But while Lucas and Gambino were addressing a real racial issue, Nick Conrad seems to be influencing it.

YouTube, the online video channel where the video was viewed 80,000 times, have decided to pull the clip down as it violate their hate speech policy but as of the time going to press, the video is still online and its still French’s most trending item on Twitter.

The French government has launched a full investigation into this unacceptable hate driven buzz but there are speculations that Nick Conrad might just get a “slap on his wrist” based on past racist incited incidents where notable political leaders, influential people and even low classed citizens have gotten away with very light sentences.

Below is the video clip (warning: might not be suitable for some viewers)

However, the rapper defended his actions in an interview with ‘Le Parisien‘ has been “mere fiction” of racial role swapping between white and black people.  Do you agree with him?

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