Taylor Swift

From Grammy and other awards, record sales and social media groundbreaking views and now to technology boss. Taylor Swift does know how to ply up the greens.

Why Kanye is bothering about his mental health and Kim’s third baby bump, Taylor Swift is raking up more first.

If you are not into pop or country music, you might find it out to remember who she is but do you remember Kanye West? Ok well, she was the one that brought world attention to a then unnoticeable symptom of  Ye’s mental illness at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Now you remember, so let’s go on.

According to TechCrunch, she is now an owner of a social network app called ‘The Swift Life‘. She now joins other music stars like 50 cents, Jay Z and Nicky Minaj to mention but just a few, on their quest to put a strong hold on their fan base by using modern technology.



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