R Kelly

Its hard to believe how the social media could be so happy over R.Kelly‘s misfortune.

The embattled former king of R&B, R. Kelly, who recently got his two mansions cleaned out by supposed inside job by one of his employers while on tour, posted a youtube video showing the footage of the clean-out.

There were mixed reactions from fans, celebrities and haters alike on social media platform especially Youtube. But the reactions were more vibrant with those who don’t like him anymore, who made fun of him and seized the opportunity to poke at his unforgettable historical runs in the arms of the law with child molestation and pornography accusations.

According to the music star, his houses were totally cleaned out from chairs to underwears. Now, that’s some serious shit. Whoever must have been behind that incident means real business. I mean, who will really want to steal a stained underwear.


I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/oHhRuu0OCD Why Fans trying to start an R Kelly boycott today and not yesterday?


Though, the 50 years old, ‘I believe I can fly’ star is doing everything possible not to fly away from the music scene following popular music actions especially with Africa superstars like Davido to keep his rep up but Social Media consumers are not letting him have enough time to breathe.

Maybe its really time R. Kelly should take a bow and just fly off while winter is here. What do you think? Share your reactions with us.

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