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Spin ‘N Holla has featured up and coming local and international new artists with quality materials since 2015 when the magazine started.   We strive to bring you more, as our endeavor is to create an opportunity for these artists to get heard worldwide. And also for you to get to discover some quality music that your favorite radio station, television program or entertainment blog, will never play because it’s not highly commercial enough or just to say,  ‘not in vogue‘.

Get Featured to get heard

 featured nicola bear
DJ Nicola Bear (UK)

At Spin ‘N Holla, a genre is just a word. What we appreciate is “Good Music” Like the legendary Bob Marley once said, that one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. Having that in mind, we will continue to showcase artists who play Afrobeat, Azonto, Pop, Rock, Dance, Hip-Pop, Electro or what have you, without giving a particular preference to any genre as other blogs or music magazines does. The moment we feel it sounds good, it’s HERE.

Spin ‘N Holla is the right platform for new artist to get HEARD.

Afrobeat, Azonto, Pop, Rock, Dance, Hip-Pop, Electro

So if you are an aspiring artist and wants to get featured, why don’t you just contact us with your material and let’s see what we can do for you. And if you are a music lover, who wants to discover something new, fresh and original, you are on the right platform. We publish once every weekend for now. With your support, we do hope to increase the publication.

Watch our photo gallery from time to time

So why don’t you just sit back, read the write-ups, listen to the music and just share so that others too can enjoy what you are enjoying?


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