Controversy trails Joyner Lucas racially inspired song

The new internet hip-pop sensation, Joyner Lucas is getting rattled with controversies over the viral video of his Hip-pop song “I’m Not Racist” … Even from black people.

Joyner Lucas highly charged racial inspired viral song incites mixed reactions

Joyner Lucas has not stopped getting the social media buzzing since the released of his highly charged racial laced song, I’mNotRacist. The video clip of the song released on Youtube has gotten tongues wagging from both anti-racists and racists camps alike. It’s getting more intense as few black people too, do not like the song at all.

Looking at the on-going racially induced political situation in the United States, largely influenced by their president, Donald Trump, the young man chooses a perfect time to present himself to the Music world.

The song, ‘I’m not Racist‘ is so powerful yet poetic and debatable and it’s what Hip-pop music and the world needs now irrespective of the mix reactions from the public.  Arguably one of the best Hip-Hip song to end the year with.

In the 21st century, should race still matter???

Looking at the video clip of the song, we hear Lucas going head to head with a white man who is trying to defend why he should not be seen as a racist even while portraying black people in a negative way. While at the same time, Joyner Lucas did his part to defend black people. At the end of the video, we could see them both hugging it out.

They out here protesting against me.??!! ?. 99% of Hip-hop spreads a negative message, highlighting drugs, hate, sex, crime and more with no happy ending. – Joyner Lucas

The extract below was posted by Joyner Lucas on his Instagram account, of a black man making a rather strong personal point on why he thinks the track is worthless. Take a listen and let us know what you think.

Did the backlash hurt his career? Not really. The young man is riding on the back of both the criticism and acceptance the song is generating to success. Moreso, Hippop heavyweights like Eminem are throwing their weights behind him.

I won’t be surprised if Donald Trump attacks him as usual on Twitter.  Whatever happens, this new rap demigod has spoken for those who want a change. He is here to stay.



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