Afrobeat Crown. Davido rivalry with Wizkid grows deeper


To see who gets the Crown of the Afrobeat throne, Davido on-going rivalry with Wizkid grows deeper as the day goes by.

Afrobeat Crown. Davido rivalry with Wizkid grows deeper

 Who wears the Afrobeat crown?

The antagonism between two of Africa’s Ace Music makers is not new to anyone who is at least a fan of the Afrobeat (Afro-pop) music, a genre that both, have individually taken to another height, worldwide.

The hot rivalry between these two superstars from Nigeria dated back to early 2014, over who is the best. And the battle doesn’t seem to be over yet. Fans have seen them becoming friends, then becomes enemies over and over again and the whole confusion generated from all this palaver is becoming unhealthy.

Recently, both of them brought home two Hefty Awards in different categories from MOBO Awards: (Music of Black Origin Awards) that took place a few weeks ago, in which Jay’z, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar were some of the contenders in the category of ‘The Best International Act‘ of which Wizkid emerged the winner and Davido bagging the ‘Best African Act‘ award .

This ‘game of throne’ play acting between these two for the Afrobeat crown, all of a sudden looks suspicious as I’ve started asking myself if this is not all about ‘how to get the buzz up’ for record sales and just mere publicity stunts. A case we are all familiar with in today’s music industry all around the world. Plus the fact that, it also means business for them. The bigger the gigs, the bigger the envelopes. I guess I will leave you to figure that hypothesis out taken Chris Brown versus everyone else into consideration.

The fans are not left out in this whole noise. Some of them have chosen the side of the fence they want to pitch their tents base on their opinion that ‘Wizzy’ as Wizkid is fondly called, comes from a humble background while Davido, the ‘Skelewu’ crooner is a bourgeois’s son.

Some go as far as saying that the Press is “News Thirsty” and will go the extra mile to get their audience glued to their different platforms by twisting any news that falls off from the two, whether it’s dramatic or not.

You also hear people say things like: “Wizkid‘s tunes are soft and sweet while Davido is always hard and hot” but hey…, whatever their stories are, the disparity between them is actually what spices the quarrel and I just wish it was one of them that sang the song in which you hear something like: “I am hot and you’re not” (In Dbanj’s voice).

Worthy to note is that these guys are talented musically, comes from the same western part of Nigeria, speaks the same local dialect and have shared hits tracks and awards between them over the years, which I personally think should have brought them closer, but (sigh)!. Honestly, as of this moment, they are arguably Africa’s biggest stars. Go ask Akon, Drake or R.Kelly.

One big question I keep asking myself is, why have they have not made a song together going from the fact that they are both signed to Sony Music, I mean Davido featuring Wizkid or the other way round? Well, my guess is as good as yours and I am hearing some fans in the crowd screaming, “I can’t wait!” … I can’t wait either.

At the end of the day, who benefits from this whole beef? The two artists themselves, the fans, the media or the record label that signed them on?? Whatever the case may be, I say, the whole beef between these two is getting out of hand.

Finally, we at the Spin N Holla, congratulate them both for their recent MOBO awards and for taking Afrobeat to a whole new level both locally and internationally.

So, let’s keep loving and supporting them and hopes that no life is lost in their quest to outshine one another, till we all agree who the real Afrobeat King is. And as the French will say, On verra…

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