Breaking News. Paris under terrorist attack

Paris is under terrorist attack. Joy, fun and social gatherings were disrupted yesterday in Paris as some faceless weak ass terrorists struck again.
As of this moment, more than  128 people were left dead and +100 others in critical condition. The terrorist attacks were carried out simultaneously outside the French national stadium while a friendly match was going on between the French national team and their German counterpart; in bars where people were having drinks and most especially, in an ongoing music concert at Bataclan concert hall. This is reported to be Europe’s deadliest attack since the Madrid bombing.

Does it mean now that we can no longer go out and have fun? No more partying in clubs and concerts? No more global exchanges where different people can meet and share a common interest that will promote unity among men? We, as people, we have to say NO to this kind of fear that is being instilled in us by these freaks disguising under religious interest. We should know that they do not represent any religion or group of people. They represent themselves and their diabolic agendas. And the only way we could shut them down is to stand tall without FEAR and continue to go out and have as much fun as we can.

We  at war. We at war with terrorism, racism. But most of all, we at war with ourselves – Lyrics  taken from Jesus Walks by Kanye West

Spin and Holla stand tall with Paris, France. We stand against all acts of terrorism. We hope that these fools will spend quality time listening to music than killing those who know how to. So tonite, go out and have loud parties and pour out your drinks for our falling heroes at the Paris attack. That’s one way to shame these goons.

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