10 music artists hurting the game right now

There is nothing so annoying like going to your favorite social media or music base blog only to find out that there is a news about some artists who just don’t know how to be role models. Artists who will do anything for the limelight.We put together a short list of Artists who will show off nude pics, sex tapes, or just anything that could get the internet buzzing and help them sell records to naïve crowds.  Be warned, some disturbing pictures inside. 

Here is our pick of Artists doing more harm than good to Real Music


10. Lady Gaga



Talented but an outrageous dresser. She thinks she is a trend maker but whats so trendy about wearing clothes made of meat?? I am sure that it was the meat-wearing antics that did it for her. Fans just totally gave up on her. Imagining your kid dressing up like her. Nightmares???

9. Rihanna



Sorry, I am not going to use a dirtier pic of Riri here. More raunchy pics can be found all over the internet. In fact, if you want specially dedicated pics for your lustful thoughts, all you need do is ask and she will mail you one for free.

Artists who will do anything for the limelight.

Since she has decided to put into full gear, her adult-related talents, it will be nice to see her stop singing. Besides, what else can be said about her that you don’t already know, huh?

Take a bow, Riri.


8. Kanye West

Kanye West Ever since he kept watching the throne instead of doing Good Music, he has done everything to get more and more on our nerves.  From recently tweeting naked pics of his wife, to having his phone hacked to reveal his annoying nude pic. It’s ok to have an awful fashion taste or funny dreams of becoming the next American president but what’s all these bullshit about tweeting your wife’s naked pics?

Are you shocked about the quotes around that pic?? Maybe you should read the whole interview here.


7. Timaya (Nigeria)


One of the most controversial, mean looking talented Nigerian artist of the new generation.

He once confessed to using notoriety as a fuel to get popular. We don’t like that at all.  No, he does not have a sex tape out yet but he does have a rape allegation amongst other controversies. Not really the image we want to see about Nigerians or African artists in general.  The more reason why he won’t be missed when he fades off.


6. Arielle Dombasle (France)


Arielle Dombaise

We have seen a lot of artists in France. Some of them are just not good enough but this old lady seems to be leading the pack.  Why? She is a result of what you get when you mix Miley, Lady Gaga, and Madonna together. If those three names annoy you because of what they do to get attention, then you can imagine what torture the new generation French music lovers are going through.

She has more nude pictures over the net than all her discography. A fit no one in the French music business is yet to match. Laudable right? Only if you love tastelessness over real artistic talent.  She is arguably the most unreal and annoying woman on the French entertainment scene. Period!


5. Lil Wayne


Lil' Wayne

I actually hesitated between him and Rick Ross but since Rozay has more rapping skills, Lil’ Wayne got our nod to fade off. We come back to Rozay some other time.

Apart from his childish nursery rapping career that spans years of him not actually saying anything relevant, the worst we could remember him for, was him kissing Baby, the same guy that owns him $50 million (Lol). But is money the real case or is it just a case of love gone sore? (You might want to read this). Whatever be the case, we don’t really want to know.  We are tired of non-real MC’s getting the shine. Yeah, Run!


4. Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton

How in the world did she make this list when she is not even a real artist?


3. Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber

We are sure some of you would have preferred good ‘ol Justin on the no. 1 spot. No sweat, you can always rearrange the numbers the way you want. Depends on how much you just don’t want him around.

No question about his talents but he is full of shit, pride and we don’t like his hair. Speaking of his hair, pretty soon, that will be the only thing, his fans, who he so much doesn’t respect at all, will remember him for.  They might not even remember that he once posted his little willy’s pic on twitter.


2. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

She is a failed attempt of Hollywood trying to make “No butts at all” the new white.  And she trying really hard to get put on the same page as Nicki Minaj. But since she ain’t bold enough to go under the knives, for now, she rather tries out doing her rivals with aggressive nude pics posting marketing strategy, that even gets her more hates.

She could have been a likable person going from her acting and singing ability but … anyway, she sucks, looks dirty and not worthy of being a good influence for our kids. We hope we don’t hear of her anymore.

And can someone please let her know that her effort on twerking is worst than Chris Brown’s willy pic.


1. Nicki Minaj

nikki minajnikki minaj


It looks like big butts are the new (dumb) black in Hollywood and one of the ambassadors of this madness is Nikki Minaj.  Rumour had it that she is all plastic.

She has done everything irrelevant on her journey to success. From posting lewd Instagram photos, shooting thought-provoking music videos to getting controversially involved with male folks like Gucci Mane.

For her ass flaunting notoriety, she has single-handedly influenced more black women into showing off their butts rather than their brains, on social media sites. Now every normal but weak black girl wants to be a social slut. Thank you, Nicki.

**The list could have been longer than this but some other awful artists are already no more insight. If you know of any artists that should be on this list, please send us their names. Who knows, we might do another extended list……SOON.

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