Nicola Bear, Female DJ with magic touch

She has rocked Ibiza’s grandest stages; open for stars like the Black Keys. Here is introducing female DJ, Nicola Bear.

A good sort after DJ and remixer of different genres and compilation of Cds for the likes of the Ministry of Sound. And yes, she is still a lady. Spin and Holla is so fortunate to get to know her and even talked her into granting us our first ever interview.

Nicola Bear is indeed a music loveable “Bear” and she rocks.

Below is the extract

SnH: Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from and how long have you been making music? Are you married? Do you do other jobs about from making music? 

Nicola Bear: I’m Nicola, English, living in Manchester, twenty-something;-), mum of 2 Dogs, not married that’s far too early. Being DJing for about 4-5 years. Started getting into making music in the last 3 years on and off. Full-time DJ.

SnH: Do u have a new album or single out? If so, what can people expect from it?

Nicola Bear:  I’m not rushing anything really. I’m just having a go at making music and see what people think and what reactions I get from it. Trial and error is the process I’m going through now and just trying new things out. My next trial and maybe the error is singing on a few tracks which should be interesting.

SnH: As a DJ, how do you approach your work ethic or style?

Nicola Bear: You have to be very self-driven in this business and confident and know what areas you’re strong in, without being cocky obviously. I try to be very grateful for every opportunity I’m given in this industry and I would describe my style as being very open-minded.

SnH: Do you consider yourself different from other DJs male or female? If yes, what makes you tick?

Nicola Bear:  Not really with gender, I suppose every person has different goals they want to achieve in the music industry and mine maybe are different to them. Just like any job, I always try to look at every year as am I progressing? Am I learning new things, seeing new things? If I am not,  I think I would say, right, I’m going to try something different.

SnH: Do you produce your own music? If yes, can you tell your listeners a bit about the instruments, software, etc you use?

Nicola Bear: I go in with a friend of mine called Rory who I have known for years and he is a music engineer and works with lots of people. We sit in the studio and discuss the track or remix and we go through every aspect and I try to learn the technical side. I’m involved with every part of the track so I feel like it is my track even if I don’t know every button that is pressed. I’m learning Ableton at the moment so I can progress with that also. Never stop on the learning front.

SnH: How do you spend your day

Nicola Bear: Walk my dogs that’s always first, ha. Varies from emails you have to answer, music collecting… I’m a serial music collector, always searching. Love listening to mixes, radio shows and getting inspired by other artists. If I have a gig that night, I will be prepping for that during the day at some point.

SnH: What do you like and don’t like about others?

Nicola Bear: I don’t like bad manners and I like people who I can learn from.

SnH: What do you like and don’t like about yourself?

Nicola Bear: I don’t like that I am, majority of the time, late. I would say I’m a very approachable person, I wouldn’t want anyone to feel like they couldn’t come up and chat to me. I have some days though, like anyone ha.

You can listen to more of her works on Soundcloud or better still on Facebook for booking

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