Meet UK’s underground DJ Joker (Re-edited)

Djing comes with a passion for spinning good music and exposing good artists worldwide. And as great minds think alike, I went shopping to find a DJ who has the same idea as Spin ‘N Holla. Guess what I found? DJ Joker

UK’s own, big-hearted, talents loving, DJ and radio show host, DJ Joker. As usual, has given me my first radio spin, gave me another privilege, of doing my first FB interview (hey! we making history here. The first time ever something like this, was done). The interview was interesting.


Shh Noir: Hi JJ, what’s up?

DJ Joker: Chilling

Shh Noir: First of all, let me thank you for taking your time out to do this interview with me. This is the first time I am holding an interview on Facebook.

DJ Joker: Well, its gonna be an experience for us both. Usually, I am the one interviewing.

Shh Noir: (Laugh) I owe you one. Tell me a bit about yourself and how your music career started off?

DJ Joker: I’ve always had a keen interest in music. As a child I wanted to be a rock star so begged my parents to buy me a guitar. Later in life, I realized what I craved for was crowd attention so I turned to DJ’ing.

Shh Noir: Wow! So how long have you been Djing?

DJ Joker: I’ve actually been djing since I was around 13. My dad was a DJ and I used to go to clubs and bars with him. I had to stay behind the decks… One night he had the flu, so I had to step up. Next thing I know the company he was working for asked me to do the younger crowd party.

Shh Noir: Interesting. Shows that when the opportunity comes knocking, one has to be on the alert to take that chance.

DJ Joker: Absolutely, grasp those opportunities as they come along. “The early bird  catches the worm!”

Shh Noir: Speaking of opportunity, you seem to have a passion forgiven out some. I  mean, you gave me one and I am sure you must have given a lot of others too. Why is this so?

DJ Joker: I believe that there is so much unheard talent in the world. In my position as a radio DJ, I want to share as much good music as I can out there. Not all the best music is on the Sony record label…

Shh Noir: Like minds always connects. That’s why I started this blog too.

DJ Joker: I have met so many great artists and promoters this way. Nelson Binda, Mazanga, Housefly records – all people I have connected with online because of our like-minded philosophy. Not to mention great DJs as well.

Shh Noir: Let’s talk about your radio show, do you own the radio station or just doing your magic over there?

DJ Joker: I am currently working on Vibe FM-88.4.

Shh Noir: Yeah, I do listen. No way am I gonna miss your show

DJ Joker: I do a show on Sundays called Dance Anthems. I play a mixture of mainstream and unsigned. You can’t go wrong with Nelson Binda – he really is a Talent. Think Norman Cook but urbaner. He was the first unsigned track I played. We met through A great musical resource.

Shh Noir: Wow! I was on looperman too

DJ Joker: It still going on.

Shh Noir: Ok, so in 2015, what act unsigned or signed that impressed you the most?

DJ Joker: Well, I was gonna plug Nelsons EP… I really like “off the wall” mixes mashups etc. DJ Useo. He is a legend in this field. I would also recommend  Bindanox, but to be fair it been out almost a  year.

Shh Noir: No problem. Ok. As a radio Dj, I have seen some of your colleagues (Tiga, Ian Pooley, Calvin Harris, Claude VonStroke) dropping albums. Are you thinking of following the same line?

DJ Joker: I would love to, but to be honest I am more at home making music with my guitar these days. I think I have an album in me, but who knows? Its all about time to lay those tracks down.

Shh Noir: I should be on your first to get’ a piece of it’ list

DJ Joker: Well I will share it with you when the time comes.

 if you love music, just give whatever is in your heart and soul a go and get it out there.

The internet has made this so much easier now you can collaborate with artist all over the world, there are bands who play together who never have met.

its a great time to be creative. so…. BE CREATIVE! – DJ Joker

Shh Noir: (laugh), thanks in advance. So apart from thinking of a maybe future EP, do u have any other project?

DJ Joker: Other projects involve working in the video medium. I webcast on camera when I do my show, so I want to get a lot tighter on that.

Shh Noir: What’s your influence?

DJ Joker: I have many influences, I love all sorts of music – Hendrix, Beatles, stones. Then dance wise – Moby, Norman cook (in all of his guises), Faithless,  Robyn,  Pink Floyd.  Just too much to mention. People have said that my sound reminds them of the Muse.

Shh Noir: Ok, so for your fans, they could catch you on Sunday on your radio show. Any other place they can get to listen to you?

DJ Joker: We have a rewind page on Vibe where you can listen back on other shows- Spinback but they can also follow me on twitter: djjoker123 or Facebook: realdjjoker.

Shh Noir: Ok. Have got 2 or 3 more question before we wrap this up. What is the situation with EDM in the UK today? I mean, is it growing fast enough? I only know 2 or 3 famous acts.

DJ Joker:  The thing with the UK is the scene is constantly changing. Because the festival season has just finished. Everyone is focused on live music (bands). But now, it’s colder, the clubbers will stay in clubs and it will grow again. The underground scene is massive but UK acts just aren’t breaking through.

Shh Noir: I see a lot of French acts springing out, so I was just wondering if its because there is another genre that the youths are turning to.

DJ Joker:  If they are – they haven’t shared it with me……yet! (laugh)

Shh Noir: (laugh) ok. So what advice do you want to give to up and coming DJs or people who will like to be like you?

DJ Joker: Stay away from my timeslot! (laugh). No seriously – if you love music, just give whatever is in your heart and soul, go and get it out there. The internet has made this so much easier. Now you can collaborate with artist all over the world, there are bands who play together who never have met. It’s a great time to be creative. so…. BE CREATIVE!

Shh Noir: I take this from someone with a big heart. And to add to your advice, I  think they should get their music to you. I know you will play them if they are good.

DJ Joker: Yes, I always listen to submissions –(Please contact him directly through FB for his email submission address)

Shh Noir: Thanks a lot for your time. I hope we could do this again some other time. I’m blessed to know you

DJ Joker:  Thanks, Shh Noir (Jaymes).

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