Majek Fashek

There aren’t much music artists or celebrities, who stupidly passed through that dusty hell road, that makes it back in one piece. Go ask Whitney. But Majek Fashek is one lucky S.O.D (figure out the acronym yourself).


Majek Fashek is the first Nigerian Reggae international star who came into limelight in late 80’s with a hit track “Send down the rain”, that earned him the nickname, The Rainmaker. He later released another track ‘so long, too long’ in 1991 which got American record execs scrambling to sign him on.

The trip to the U.S turned out to be his worst nightmare. Hanging out with the wrong crowd and a hazy nose filled with white dust after, his life became so long and too long down the road of drug addiction. The impact of the news about his addiction was too much on the emerging Nigeria music scene. (Yeah, it took more than 12 years of prayer, fasting and paying for his rehabilitation).

All the same, It’s a good thing to see him back in 2015. He is one lucky dude as some people never made it back. Don’t believe? Go ask Whitney and Amy Winehouse. Whoever must have coined out the phrase ‘Sex, drugs, rock n roll‘ must have been a fool.

But anyway, thanks to good-hearted people like his former back up singer turned full-time artist, Monica Swaida, who worked so hard to make sure the rain man get back on his feet again.

Recently, we saw him doing a live show of his past hits. Grapevine also has it on good ears that he is working on a music project with Tuface Idibia, one of the most decorated new generation African artist after the likes of Akon and Sade. Whatever the outcome of that project might be and his new-found health, we do hope that he doesn’t go back to that dusty hell again. That is if he had learned that DRUG is bad for human consumption.

Keep away from all drugs. OK, while not ‘just’ safe sex and music? Thinking of what we are thinking, huh?

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