DSmith, holding it down for Chicago’s hip-hop

If there is a new hip-hop artist to turn the heat up before the end of this year, he is Dsmith. With his début mixtape/project “XIII: Stories Never Told” almost ready, Chicago seems to have something newer than Kanye West.

Darrin Smith Jr, better known in Chicago hip-hop music circle as DSmith was born 21 years ago in Joliet, Illinois. He started his music career 3 years ago while watching his stepfather and uncle, work their magic in a studio, right in the basement of their home. Back then, young Darren could do nothing but eat up all the knowledge he could get right in that studio.

Hungry in his dreamy eyes, DSmith started writing his own lyrics. One of the kinds of stuff he loves doing best apart from doing extra works to pay bills, reading about new stuff and playing video games.

As a Hip-Hop artist I don’t like making music that is too commercial. I would like to believe that I give dope content while making catchy music

Spin ‘N Holla got interested in him when we listened to one of his works on Soundcloud. Sounds so good that we had to listen to everything. And as it is one of our goals, we cannot do without talking about him. He seems to be working with the right Producers too as each beats he puts his storytelling rhymes to, bangs. Quite impressive for a young unsigned artist with fewer experiences in the game. 

He has opened up for famous artists like Travis Porter and Twista. Though for now, he might not be signed to any label I’m sure that it won’t be for too long. What serious producer with a good nose for ‘good chart-busting materials’ will want to miss out of this begging opportunity, huh?

If you are in Chicago area, you can catch Dsmith on a college tour this October. His début project “XIII: Stories Never Told” will be available for free streaming and downloading on datpiff.com and SoundCloud.

So if you are the one who loves downloading good music at no cost, here is your opportunity to fill up your playlist for full blast while on that ride.

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