Stromae fights against Cancer: New Video

Stromae returns with a big bang.  4 million Youtube views under 48 hours? For those who know what social media numbers mean, this new single titled “Quand c’est” will be a huge success.


2 years after he had the biggest hits of his music career, coming from his album “Racine Carrée”, he is BACK again. And what a way to step right back on top where he left behind with this track. The track is his way of speaking out against Cancer, the deadly silent killing disease, ravaging the world today.

The well produced black and white video clip, shot in an empty theater with Stromae dance steps mimicking a scary vile beast, leaves behind a tasteless memory of the effect of what evil, in form of a deadly disease can do.  One could see that he wasn’t really interested in making people dance but rather, to enlighten. And Kudos to Xavier Réyé, the young producer behind the clip.

And only a talented and intelligent person like him, who has gone through a lot in life, can actually think of using this pure form of art-Music to speak to the public about the dangers of Cancer.


Spin ‘N Holla celebrates Stromae’s effort in his fight against Cancer and encourages other Music stars to do like wise


After conquering Europe, Stromae, this son of an immigrant’s next goal is, capturing the American audience. Is immense talent cannot be underestimated and with this new single killing the internet, the task might not be hard after all.

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