Rudeboy Jett on some of those sensimilla

I thought apart from artists like Mavado, there are no more artists doing good Dancehall music until I got to check the site mailbox and found this artist called Rudeboy Jett.  Got curious, listen to the track he sent in and got hungry for more.


Rudeboy Jett is U.S. based Reggae and Dancehall artist set out to find his own identity by creating his own unique style of flow. rudeboy-jett

What makes Rudeboy Jett a potential future star is his ability to go out of the conventional ways of Dancehall music, and fuse hip-hop beat over ragga style of singing or rapping. Most other artists always stick to the contemporary ways of making Dancehall music.

After listening to one of his track above, title ‘Sensimilla, I have strong feelings that with more effort, push and luck, he could be that star to watch in the nearest future. A bit sensitive track (if you know what I mean) but it’s worth listening to. And if you do like what you heard, holla it out to your friends. Good Music, sometimes are not always on your radio, until you get to spread the news out.

P.S. I noticed that the original audio of this post does not exist anymore so I did an update with this track. Enjoy.

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