Mahrnie, might be French version of Lykke li

Mahrnie??? The name might not sound familiar on the internet at the moment to music followers like you and I but after discovering and watching the clip from her new single, raving (in my head), I am sure it will. It’s just a matter of time.

With a music style considered to be dark, cinematic and poetic, Mahrnie might be the French’s version of Lykke Li. But better still, with her French accent, her singing style seems to set her apart. Born in a Burgundy, France, this young pretty UK-based singer/songwriter discovered music at the age of 5. She later went to a music conservatoire in France, where she mastered the art of playing instruments like Oboe and Viola.

Mahrnie not only has an enviable educational background and experience in music, she also holds a bachelor degree in film studies and she is an actress. All these experiences, you can find in her music.

Honestly, the clip above is not for ‘small boys’ but if you like pretty French girls with French accents, that sings a bit different, you will love Marhnie. Trust me. And when you love yourself a french girl like Marhnie enough to want to listen to her sing, you can only keep getting your whistle wet.

At the moment, its likes things are going on well for her future as she’s working with Grammy-winning producers, Dom Morley, Db Clifford and Alex Bayly. So when she eventually wins a Grammy, remember we told you first.

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