Joell Ortiz, Beast or Human lyricist of all time

In today’s hip-hop world were sagging and chanting seems to have taken over real artistic juggling of rhymes and punchlines, real Hip-Pop artists with skills like Joell Ortiz got slept on.

And if you talk about Hip-Pop’s best lyricist of all time and Joell Ortiz is not on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or the 4th place, you don’t know anything about Hip-pop Music.

Well, there is a hip-hop magazine out there, teambackpack, doing all their best to put Hip back to the Hop and recently, they got a visit from Hip-Hop’s finest lyricists in the game now, Jarren Benton, Cyhi The Prince and undoubtedly the ‘Yao wa’ man himself, Joell Ortiz was there.

At the moment, who could really touch his style-On time flow, punchline, funny lines, and puns? Jay- Z? Nas? Em?? ‘Ye? Busta? Meths? or Ghost? Yeah, who? Don’t get me wrong, all these artists are hip-pop gods in their own rights but unlike them, he and artists like Skyzoo, Torae, Cyhi or even Kiss, never seems to get the much attention that they needed, to get to the top of the food chain.

Watching the video above sends the same real hip-pop sensation down my spine and gave me excitement all over. I keep wondering why he is yet to pick a fat check and some silverware that Eminem or Jay-z boast of today. Or should he sell out and drop a commercial album???

Joell Ortiz can RAP. He has his fourth album out now and its HOT (click the album cover to listen). Irrespective of what anybody may say, he can rap and real hip-hop fans know that.

Joell Ortiz is one of best lyricist Hip-Pop has ever known, dead or alive. You ask me of my opinion, he should be no.1 and he should stop acting like he ain’t.

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