Alessia Cara will become an outlaw for love

Alessia Cara will do it all for love even to extent of being an outlaw. 19 years old, pretty Canadian sensation who started her music career by posting Cover Songs on YouTube. So hot, that charts topping and record-breaking Taylor Swift approved of her.


She recently dropped a new single titled “Outlaws” from her debut album “Four Pink Walls“. An R&B ballad laid with a jazzy tune, that brings freshness to the inner mind when listening to. Something to put life back into the dying music world infected with lack of creativity.

Not only is Alessia Cara, pretty. She is smart as well. So smart that at the age of 13, she already knows how to go about getting the much attention she needed (as mentioned above). And the rating is not coming down. From MTV to the Fader, Cosmopolitan, Spin Magazine and even billboards they all say, she is the future.

“We’ll be outlaws. partners in crime, we’ll take on the world together. I’m bonnie, you can be Clyde. We’ll be outlaws, You and me….”

Lyrics taken from “Outlaws”

Well, good music sales itself, so if you haven’t been taken Alessia Cara’s YouTube posts that serious, this jazzy and emotional laid track, “Outlaws” from her 1st EP ” Four Pink Walls” will probably make you think otherwise.

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