2 Malix, Hungary’s hidden EDM gems??

There are certain things to know before visiting Hungary. One of them is, multi-instrumentalist, EDM duo called 2 Malix.

2 Malix (Progressive, Trance, Electro House) Country: Hungary

Though the name might not ring a bell-like Ozora Festival, their musical ability is going to shake the world in the ‘nearest’ future. Trust me.

2 Malix consists of two brothers, Bence ( 21 yrs) and Donat (28 yrs).  Both started out more than 10 years ago, crafting their acts and playing in classical and rock bands. These elements and experiences added up and incorporated into their sounds, is what makes them different from the packs.

We want a unique sound that people will hear, raise their head and remember us for a very long time.  2 Malik

After listening to some of their tracks especially this single ‘Hypnosis‘, I couldn’t even believe that they both started making electronic music just in 2014. It shows how naturally talented they are. I know some people, who have been making music for years and still can’t sound better like this (No jokes intended).

Though their songs might sound like something u might have heard before from other EDM artists around, going from their growth in using software and live instruments in creating electronic music, just in one year, I strongly believe that they are one of the futures of EDM music. Record labels better not sleep on them.

They are working on two new singles, which will be available in October, this year. When it drops, this mag will surely let you know about it.

So if you are still wondering where Hungary is, allow 2 Malix to show you the way.

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