Can Cynthia Morgan be queen of Dancehall?

It is been a while since we had female dancehall artists who could rub shoulders with prolific male counterparts in a genre like Dancehall the game like Cynthia Morgan. Strange enough, she is not even a Jamaican

Cynthia Morgan, a new Queen Patra in the making

The name might not ring a bell from this part of the world but if you are really someone who has ears for good music, you will appreciate the new gem we are presenting to you.

Cynthia Morgan has the musical presence of Queen Patra, lady saw’s ragga style, and Rihanna’s sexiness all mixed up into her personality.   And boy, she’s got character and originality. Not only that, she can drop rhymes as well, making her, having the top ability to adapt to Dancehall and hip-pop types of genres.

Yep! she is from South-South Nigeria, deep in the heart of mother Africa. Born 24 years ago in a city called Benin. Surrounded by musicians from her church choir and music artist mother, she was highly influenced musically to the extent of doing a backup at the early age of 3 for her mother’s musical band. At 7 years, she started composing and playing drums. At 16, she got her first break on the local scene when she recorded her début single, “Dutty stepping”.

To further her chances of getting more exposure, she moved to Lagos, the commercial City and former capital of Nigeria, wherein 2010, got featured by an artist named Jhybo in a single’s track that later won an award.  This created a chain reaction leading to the released of two singles “High High High” and “Ojoro”. Buzz got so loud that in 2013, she landed a record deal with Northside Entertainment Inc headed by the bigger brother of the worldwide famed P-square, Jude Okoye. Later on, with a couple of hot singles like German Juice, One Blood “the game cover”, “I’m taken” and her recent 2015 single “Come and do”, amongst other danceable tracks, the rest they say, is history. The new queen of dancehall is here.

“If this lady is from the western world, she would have been bigger than this”.

Now, what makes this lady special? First, she’s not into the genre that every other Nigeria artists are flocking to- Afrobeat. 2ndly, she has that international swag that makes her stand out from the pack (the only Nigerian artists at the moment that could match this are Reminsce and Phyno), 3rdly. going from the numbers of awards she has received locally and the rise of her fame over social media, she’s got what it takes and might be the first Nigerian artist to bag a Grammy award in the nearest future. I am betting my money on this. You don’t believe me, then carefully listen to some of the above-mentioned tracks.

Tell us if you think she can be the next queen of dancehall.

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