African Artists rises up to good music

African Artists are actually on the move to the top bringing good music even in the mist of .. poverty, diseases and lots of sunshine. Yes, you heard me right. Good music!

The popularity of noted people like late legendary Fela Kuti (Nigeria), Manu Dibango (Cameroon), Youssou N’Dour (Senegal), late Mariam Makeba (South Africa) and late Cesaria Evora (Cape Verde), etc, brought about the classification of  African music under a genre called ‘World Music‘  but things have changed since then as we now have a genre Afrobeat‘  from the west of Africa, which is creating tide waves never seen in the history of the music industry before and till date (Apart from EDM’s growing popularity since 2004),

Believe me, the fire of Afrobeat is already sweeping over to other continents especially Europe.

Though, the late Fela Kuti created ‘Afrobeat’, a mixture of traditional and contemporary sounds, which he used to express his political views, today’s Afrobeat is quite different. It has a fusion of every other style in it. With catchy tunes over heavy African drums, its just pure gyrating music for those who love to dance. And what more? Its got nothing to do with politics. Its a phenomenon that has engulfed Night Clubs and the social media in the whole of Africa, UK, US, part of Europe. Hey! and even Japan. What next, we might see the communist leader in China dancing to P-squares music. Fingers crossed.

Afrobeat is not the only type of music gaining fame in Africa. There is the ‘Azonto‘ style of music from G+hana (the dance steps is addictive) and ‘Hippop’ as well. Even the traditional folk music is gaining notoriety too as young African artists from countries all over Africa are blending it up with hip-hop, dance or reggae to create new danceable sounds.

I won’t finish this write up without mentioning young, creative and talented DJs and Producers like Don Jazzy and DJ Arafat to mention but a few, who can go shoulder to shoulder or outdo any so-called big names out there, anytime (I put my money where my mouth is). You doubt? Go ask Akon, Kanye West, Tinie Tempah who are already cashing in on this new found musical Eldorado in Africa.

Listen to the likes of D’banj (Nigeria), Fally Ipupa (Congo), Aka (South Africa) DJ Djeff (Angola), Bamboo (Kenya), Toofan (Togo) Ice Prince (Nigeria), Camp Mulla (Kenya) Shaa (Tanzania), Davido (Nigeria), Efya (Ghana), P-square (Nigeria), Lira (South Africa), Asa (Nigeria) and tell us what you think.

Please, be warned, you will become addicted.

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