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One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain- Bob Marley.


Spin N Holla is a France based, English music entertainment magazine that focuses on bringing worldwide attention, to music artists especially the up and coming ones.

It was created to change all these, by searching out these good artists from around the world, and bringing them to you, RAW. Call us the music hound of the web and you won’t be wrong. All you have to do is, spread the word around through social media or word of mouth and make others find out the good stuff you have discovered on our site. It’s that simple.

We are a small music loving team with regular jobs who spend most of our time, sniffing out good music and then coming online to write about our discovery over endless coffee breaks.  We will try to make writing as much fun as we can. No dull moments.

We publish every Wednesdays and Sundays with new music, news, tutorials, and interviews. We hope to expand and publish every day, and even in other popular languages, in the nearest future.

As artists ourselves, we understand the difficulties it takes for artists who don’t have record deals or are low on budget, to get their works across to numerous music lovers who frequent the internet on a daily basis. We also understand the importance of reaching a new market, outside the usual zone, to grow fan bases.  On the other hand, we understand that fans are more and more interested in hearing new stuff other than the same old playlist their radio DJ’s keep feeding them.

What we hope to achieve with this website:

  1. Give unknown artists with good materials, a platform to express themselves.
  2. Give fans and music lovers worldwide, the opportunity to discover new genres, artists, Djs, Producers, etc that they are never used to. We want to shock hardcore fans who stuck to a particular genre into listening to something different.
  3. Give all artists including the established ones, a new fan base.
  4. Make Radio DJ’s and music promoters play more artists, signed or unsigned.
  5. Create a mutual ground for a musical business transaction between artists and their fans, as deem fit, without having to go through any  ‘cut-throat’ music platforms. We believe that artists should eat from their sweats.
  6. Help spread “Good Music” irrespective of language or geographical differences.

If you would have any information on how to improve users experience, great idea or questions, please Contact us through the link below

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